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    Final Federal Dietary Committee Report Recommends 3 Servings of Dairy Per Day, Affirms Dairy’s Place in Healthy Foods Category

    The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) released the following statement in response to the federal Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) final scientific report: “Today, 20 leading dietitians, physicians and public health experts that comprise the federal DGAC confirmed dairy products should continue to maintain a central, important role in federal nutrition recommendations for people beginning at a very early age …

    Dairy Supply Chains Will Need to Adjust as Consumer Behavior Changes

    COVID-19 is dramatically affecting consumer habits and dairy supply chains as food service demand plummets and grocery sales surge. Consumers struggling with job losses and economic uncertainty quickly returned to buying basic dairy products like fluid milk, commodity cheese and butter. A new report from CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange indicates that consumer behavior will be different for the next 12 to …

    Animal Agriculture Alliance launches Animal Ag Allies Development Program

    The Animal Agriculture Alliance is excited to announce the launch of the Animal Ag Allies program to empower farmers, ranchers and practicing veterinarians to be outspoken advocates for agriculture online and within their communities. The Alliance is currently seeking participants to enroll by August 7. The Animal Ag Allies program provides opportunities for networking, training, and continuous development of issue …

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