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    Researchers are Juicing Alfalfa as a Next-Generation Aquafeed

    Cows and horses aren’t the only fans of alfalfa. Yellow perch like it, too. That’s what Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists and their collaborators concluded when they fed the fish pellets made with a protein concentrate from the legume crop’s protein-rich leaves. They’re experimenting with alfalfa as part of a broader effort to find suitable alternatives to using fishmeal, a …

    Dairy Products, Philippines Third Largest Ag Import

    The Philippines imports virtually all of its dairy products, especially milk powder, as domestic production cannot meet the country’s dairy demand of nearly 3.0 million metric tons (MMT) liquid milk equivalent (LME) per year, according to the National Dairy Authority (NDA). Total imports in 2020 are projected to drop due to dampened consumer demand caused by the COVID-19 induced economic …

    FARM Program to Host Quick Convo Informational Sessions

    The National Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program will host a series of online informational sessions beginning Nov. 4. The “Quick Convos” will feature FARM staff and industry stakeholders discussing program components, expectations, and available resources. “These conversations will be an opportunity for farmers to really engage,” said Emily Yeiser Stepp, vice president for the FARM Program at the National …

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