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CDFA Reschedules STOP QIP Petition Hearing for June 9-10

Notice is hereby given that the California Department of Food and Agriculture is calling a public hearing to consider the suspension of Chapter 3.5 of the Food and Agricultural Code (62750 et seq). 

This hearing is being called pursuant to Division 21, Part 3, Chapter 3.5, section 62752 of the Food and Agricultural Code, as implemented by the procedure described below and as later determined to be necessary. 

Hearing Dates and Times 

June 9, 2020 9:00 am – 4:00 pm June 10, 2020 9:00 am – 12:00 pm 

Hearing Procedures 

Webinar and Teleconference.
The internet link and call in information will be provided in procedures document to be issued later. 

Pursuant to Executive Orders EO-N-25-20, EO-N-29-20, and EO-N-33-20, this hearing will be conducted via internet and telephone only. No in person attendance by the public will be allowed. The public may provide public comment during the hearing and observe remotely. Written testimony will also be accepted prior to the conclusion of the hearing. 

Exhibits and Testimony 

A designee of the Secretary shall present exhibits into the record. Exhibits received in advance of the hearing will be posted on the Departments web site for public inspection. 

Any interested person may file a written statement concerning the call of the hearing. Written statements may be any length, must be limited to relevant matters, signed, delivered personally or by mail any time after the notice of hearing, and shall be received by the Department prior to the close of the hearing. 

Persons are encouraged to submit exhibits and witness statements in advance of the hearing at the 

Department’s Headquarters to: 

California Department of Food and Agriculture Legal Office
1220 N Street, Suite 315
Sacramento, California 95814 

Testimony will be received under oath. A time limit for testimony will be determined by the Hearing Officer at the beginning of the hearing, not to exceed 20 minutes. Witnesses may supplement testimony by submitting a written statement at the time the testimony is given. The Hearing Officer may allow additional time for testimony by any witness or group of witnesses depending on the number of witness wishing to testify. At the conclusion of testimony, witnesses will be subject to questioning by a representative of the Attorney General’s Office (AGO). Any member of the audience may submit questions to the Hearing Officer for possible use by the AGO. Questions of witnesses must be related to their testimony and pertinent to the call of the hearing. Department witnesses may be questioned by members of the audience. 

Any person who has testified under oath may be granted, upon request prior to the close of the hearing, to file a post-hearing brief. The brief must be filed within 10 calendar days following the close of the hearing, 

Hearing Transcript 

The hearing shall be recorded and transcribed. Copies of the transcript may be obtained from the Department Legal Office 

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