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Claim Your Cash Reward for Employing Through COVID-19 Mandates


Did you know the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) for businesses is FREE money? Well, not really – it’s technically your money sitting in the treasury – you just have to rightfully claim it. If I told you I help businesses like yours capitalize on the government’s newest and most profitable “credit” program, would you believe me?

It’s true. But, not in a gimmicky way. That’s not my style. I just want your attention for a few minutes. I want you to know you could receive money back that you never knew existed. If you did know about ERC, maybe you’re like many business owners who were told they didn’t qualify because of PPP loans or because your business profited during 2020 or 2021, but actually, a second look by our company found otherwise, like Robert of Clovis, California:

“After being told by other processors that I probably would not qualify because my sales increased, Jorns and Associates got me an absolutely unbelievable return for my business! In just under 4 months I have received my checks from the US Treasury! Soooo glad I gave this program a chance…Easiest money I have ever made! Thank you Jorns and Associates!” Robert Porcella, Business Owner, Clovis, CA

More about ERC

The ERC program was made available over two years ago as part of the CARES Act, along with programs like the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan and there’s still billions of ERC dollars to claim. When originally implemented, employers were not eligible for the ERC if they received a (PPP) loan, but Congress retroactively changed the law to allow employers who received PPP loans to qualify for the ERC, as long as the payroll expenses paid with forgiven PPP proceeds did not duplicate qualified wages used to claim the ERC.

The average refund for businesses is averaging around $150k but varies based on how many employees you have and you probably qualify for more than you think! Every business I’ve worked with so far has qualified for much more than they expected.

It was, and still is hard for many business owners to stay afloat after we were struck with government mandates surrounding COVID-19. You deserve it because it’s your payroll related tax dollars and the government will return it to you – IF you claim it!

Find out if you qualify and get an estimate for how big your cash refund could be.

Start today by answering a few simple questions on this form

If you have questions, please give us a call at (559) 221-2614. We’d be happy to serve and help you claim your cash!

Why work with me and Jorns?

1) I’m an independent agent of Jorns & Associates, a CPA firm specializing in the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) helping US business owners collect on this important tax credit. I like to think of myself as more of an advocate helping local (Central Valley-focused) businesses claim their reward for retaining employees during the pandemic. For me, it’s a personal business venture. I like to see hard-working people receiving money from the government.

2) I’m from the Central Valley and my husband has ownership in a local ag business. I have family and friends who are business owners, growers, and farmers, and they were not aware of this program. After learning how my husband’s and a few others in his agribusiness community benefited, I wanted to help spread the word to my local communities.

3) This isn’t my day job. I’m not in this to earn thousands of dollars off of you so I can quit my job. I’m an accredited communications professional who’s passionate about sharing good news, and about serving, educating and informing people about things that truly matter. So you won’t hear that our Central Valley Jorns team has been knocking on doors and giving cheesy cold call pitches. No, that’s not my style and it’s not the reputation of my team. We’re honest, professional women.

About the author:

Shannon Merritt is an independent contractor in the areas of Business Operations, Sales, Marketing and Communications. With over 25 years of combined experience in these areas, Shannon is passionate about helping businesses improve internal processes and communication practices, develop or refine policies and procedures, improve profit margins and gain business exposure and name recognition. Shannon is married to Rich Merritt, VP of Supply Chain at Valley Pride Ag of Fresno, California. They have two boys, Richie (age 24), a young sales professional in Phoenix, Arizona, and Matthew (age 21), student athlete at Stanford University.

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