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Crossroads Ahead: Get Insights at American Dairy Coalition Annual Meeting Webinar

American Dairy Coalition (ADC) will have its annual business meeting open to all dairy farmers across the country – by zoom webinar – on Thurs., Dec. 7th, beginning at 11:30 a.m. PT.

The Honorable Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson, Chairman of the U.S. House Ag Committee, will keynote with an update on the Farm Bill, the Whole Milk for Healthy Kids Act and other top priorities for the coming year.

“Chairman Thompson understands dairy and the issues facing rural businesses, communities, and farm families. He has led numerous farm bill listening sessions across the nation, as the Committee has received much input. He has demonstrated his commitment as a strong voice for agriculture, not only in his home district (15th) in Pennsylvania, but across the U.S.,” notes Laurie Fischer, CEO of ADC, a nationwide grassroots organization of dairy producers based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with Walt Moore, a Chester County, Pennsylvania dairy producer serving as President.

Additional insights will be gained from the educational program planned, which includes hearing a staff-level update on the Farm Bill from the Senate side from Trey Forsythe, professional staff for the Senate Ag Committee Ranking Member John Boozman of Arkansas. Forsythe handles the dairy, livestock, poultry, animal health and food safety portfolios. He previously served as senior manager for federal government and industry affairs at Land O’Lakes, Inc.

American Farm Bureau Chief Economist Roger Cryan will bring information on the highlights, and lowlights, and what to expect from the Federal Milk Marketing Order Hearing, which will reconvene Nov. 27 after eight weeks of proceedings and over four weeks of recess. Roger brings years of experience as both a prior Director of Economics for USDA and prior VP for National Milk Producers Federation.

Corey Scott of Athian will give a snapshot of what farmers should know about Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, carbon credits and the dairy value chain. She is an experienced livestock sustainability systems professional for Athian, whose key mission is to help dairy and beef value chains capture and claim carbon credits earned through sustainability efforts by aggregating, validating, and certifying reductions so they can be monetized.

“The dairy industry is becoming increasingly complex and reaching an intersection of rapid change. Reports about biotech, big data, precision farming, climate targets, carbon credits, complex marketing strategies, uncertainty about the future of a new farm bill and of FMMO milk pricing have America’s dairy farmers on edge. This is why it is so important to acquire as much information as you can, to navigate what’s ahead,” says Fischer.

ADC urges dairy farmers to gain firsthand insight on the latest and most substantial influences on business, production, markets, and cash flow by joining ADC’s annual business meeting webinar Dec. 7th at 11:30 a.m. PT.

Go to https://qrco.de/ADCwebinar or scan the QR code to register to attend.

About The American Dairy Coalition:

The American Dairy Coalition (ADC) is a farmer-led national lobbying organization of progressive, modern dairy farmers. We focus on federal dairy policy. For more information, contact CEO Laurie Fischer at 920-288-7190.

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