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All You Need to Know About Weighing Livestock

Ranch owners and cattlemen recognize the need to care properly for the livestock. A primary goal includes accurately weighing the cattle and monitoring their weight gain or loss. Using livestock scales to measure animal performance is a common practice. Let us see how these scales help in maintaining healthy animals. Monitor Animal Health Maintaining healthy animals is a major challenge …

Genome-Edited Bull Passes on Hornless Trait to Calves

For the past two years, researchers at the University of California, Davis, have been studying six offspring of a dairy bull, genome-edited to prevent it from growing horns. This technology has been proposed as an alternative to dehorning, a common management practice performed to protect other cattle and human handlers from injuries. UC Davis scientists have just published their findings in the …

Protect Calf Hutches with the California Cattle Council

Protect Calf Hutches with the California Cattle Council

The passage of Proposition 12 last year really showed how misinformed the public is and Anti-Animal Ag activists continue to fuel the fire, and their next target in destroying the dairy and beef cattle industry is to outlaw calf hutches.  This is just one of the many issues California dairy and beef cattle producers are dealing with at this time. …

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