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5 Tips for Using Livestock Scales Effectively for Weighing Animals

There are numerous challenges when it comes to weighing animals. They may move about a lot or get nervous, agitated or anxious making it very difficult to weigh them accurately using the standard or conventional scales. This is where livestock scales come in handy. They weigh the animals with high accuracy and precision while overcoming the usual challenges. They are …

Alfalfa Project Reports Massive Water Savings

The Alfalfa Project (TAP) recently released its environmental impact report of the last three years, sharing that water usage on alfalfa farms using its precision agriculture practices and subsurface drip irrigation dropped by nearly half. The 47% water savings totaled 3.1 billion gallons of water over three years on 1,100 acres during 2015-2016 and 1,430 acres during 2017 that took …

CA Dairy 2017 Statistics Annual Report

California’s Dairy Industry in 2017 For California in 2017, compared to the previous year, total milk production was down 1.7 percent, the number of dairy cows declined 0.2 percent, milk per cow dropped 1.5 percent, and the number of dairies decreased by 4.4 percent. The 12-month average price paid to California producers for farm milk in 2017 was $16.50 per …

Ag Council of California Works to Ensure Buy American Provision

Ag Council of California Works to Ensure Buy American Provision

Emily Rooney, President of the Ag Council of California recently spoke at the annual Almond Alliance Convention, sharing their organization’s efforts to defend California Agriculture in Sacramento. One of their recent successes has been working with Dr. Pan on the Buy American Provision to ensure that school lunches are not coming from commodities produced outside of the country when they …

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