Dietitians Experience Cow to (Yogurt) Cup Tour

Dietitians experience yogurt tour

National Dairy Council (NDC), in partnership with Dairy Council of Arizona, recently organized a farm-to-table excursion for more than 30 dietitians who were in Scottsdale for the Today’s Dietitian Spring Symposium. NDC’s event – “From Farm to Yogurt: A Behind the Scenes Look at How Dairy Gets to You” – started with a tour of T&K Red River Dairy, owned by Tom and Kathy Dugan, in Maricopa. T&K manager Richard Greaves reviewed the dairy’s production practices and farmers’ commitment to stewardship and sustainability.

Dairy Management Inc. board member Rosemarie Zimbelman, an Arizona dairy farmer who also works as a dairy nutritionist, spoke with the dietitians about a cow’s dietary needs and the quality of feed they receive. Katie Brown, senior vice president of sustainable nutrition at NDC, shared how dairy plays a role in health and sustainable food systems. Following the farm, the dietitians toured Ehrmann Arizona Dairy – a yogurt plant that processes T&K’s milk. The day finished with a stop at a local restaurant to enjoy menu offerings that featured yogurt the dietitians just observed being produced.

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