Research Opp: Improving Our Understanding of Antibiotics in Dairy Farms

Antibiotics play an essential role in maintaining animal health and productivity. To provide guidance and knowledge on antibiotic use and management practices, it is important to constantly update our understanding on the role of therapeutic antibiotic use and its impact on animal health. A veterinary project is being conducted by UC Davis to better understand antimicrobial resistance patterns in dairy calves, and we are looking for interested farms to participate in the study.

The project will last around 1-2 months, with up to 2 people visiting the farm a few times a week to collect fecal samples and health data from animals. Any and all data generated will be made available to the owner/manager, and anyone entering the premises is willing to sign a waiver liability release if requested. Identity of participants will remain confidential. No photos will be taken on the facility without consent, and participants are free to back out of the study at any point, if they wish to do so.

If interested and/or to obtain more information, please contact:
Katie Lee (UCD, graduate student): (408-239-9140) Rob Atwill (UCD, Professor): (530-754-2154)

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