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IDF Dairy Nutrition and Health Symposium, May 12

After hosting a very successful and engaging event last year with over 400 participants, the International Dairy Federation (IDF) is holding its second annual virtual Nutrition and Health Symposium 2022. This year, the Symposium, dedicated to health professionals, especially dietitians and nutritionists, will dive into the role of dairy across the life course, focusing on children, adolescents, and ageing populations. The event will be held virtually between 11:00-16:00 CEST on 12 May 2022 and is completely free to attend.

The virtual event will be split into two sessions, the first starting at 11.00 CEST and the second at 13.40 CEST, where experts from around the world will present the recent scientific information and practices.

If children are to achieve their full potential as adults, it is essential that they maintain good health, and nutrition throughout the first 8000 days of life. From an age-siloed approach to an approach that embraces the needs across the life cycle presenting a window of opportunity to promote a complete and varied diet, in which dairy has an essential role in providing necessary macro-and micronutrients for healthy development into adulthood. Therefore, this first session will explore the place of dairy products in children’s healthy growth, as well as the importance of dietary guidelines for young children. Lastly, the newest research on dietary fats will be presented in the ‘Milky Way Study’.

In the afternoon, there will be an exploration of the nutrition and health benefits from dairy for ageing populations, and the role of dairy products in helping older adults remain healthy and active. Age-related diseases, such as frailty, malnutrition, cognitive decline, and sarcopenia will be analyzed, as will the role dairy can play in preventing and managing these conditions in the future. These topics are more important than ever, as countries display a demographic shift to a larger percentage of older populations, which demands research on the best practices to ensure healthy and joyous ageing.

If you would like to take part in the discussion with our expert speakers as they present the latest dairy and nutrition science from across the globe, register here.

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