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Dairy Girl Network Summer Spanish on La Granja Courses

Enrollment is now open for Spanish on la Granja (on the Farm) online courses through Dairy Girl Network (DGN). DGN will offer Level 1 and Level 2 courses, open to the dairy community, this summer.

Any individuals involved in dairy farming with a desire to learn the Spanish language are welcome to register for DGN’s Spanish on la Granja (on the Farm) courses. This includes both men and women, members and non-members. The enrollment deadline is June 10, 2024, or earlier when each class reaches capacity.

DGN’s Spanish on la Granja (on the Farm) online courses will be taught by Rudy Troxel, a seasoned Spanish speaker and dairy enthusiast. Rudy was raised on a dairy farm, has a degree from Purdue University in Ag Education, and currently teaches agriculture to high school students in Indiana. He spent 3 years in Mexico working as a missionary in an agricultural community where he learned to speak Spanish the hard way. Upon returning to the USA, he became licensed in high school Spanish instruction, managed his family’s dairy for 6 years and spent 5 years visiting dairies in the dairy genetics industry.

“My goal as instructor is to challenge my students to both learn Spanish and use Spanish specifically related to their role in the dairy industry, but also everyday life through this course,” said Rudy Troxel, instructor of DGN’s Spanish on la Granja courses. “If you are looking for an easy language tool that won’t give you much real-life application, you might want to try Duolingo. But if you want a Spanish class that will challenge you, give you real-life vocabulary and application as well as give you a great networking opportunity in the dairy industry, then you are in the right place with DGN’s Spanish on la Granja courses this summer.”

DGN’s Spanish on la Granja Level 1 is a virtual 6-week short course, introducing Spanish on the dairy farm. This course closely mirrors a first-year Spanish course, but with focus on dairy usage. A full understanding of the present tense and many vocabulary words will be presented, along with at least one past tense.

DGN’s Spanish on la Granja Level 2 is an advanced, virtual 9-week crash course tailored to speaking Spanish on the dairy farm. Every major structure, tense and mood, plus a lot of work on usage and combined structures/tenses will be presented along with cementing concepts and vocabulary by building dairy-related connections. This crash course will mirror the content of a high school Spanish class in the 3rd and 4th year, covering a lot of material but also focusing more on concepts and feel of the language. The last few weeks of this course will focus less on grammar and structure. This course will likely take more personal work time, require some additional types of instruction and will require students to be more engaged to be successful. If you took a recent previous course, this course will give you all the final tools to begin speaking Spanish in the dairy setting (and beyond) every day.

“The three things that I would like students to get out of this class are useable daily Spanish skills, a broad dairy-based vocabulary and great group interaction with networking opportunity within the dairy industry,” said Troxel.

Both courses will include resources housed on the DGN website and students who complete the course will receive a certificate. These courses are officially open to both DGN members and non-members. To sign up for a Spanish on la Granja course, please visit dairygirlnetwork.com.

Learn more about the organization and the opportunities DGN offers at dairygirlnetwork.com. Membership is free for all dairywomen. If you are interested in becoming a member of DGN, go to https://dairygirlnetwork.com/join/.

The Dairy Girl Network connects all women of the dairy industry, encouraging ideas and camaraderie in an effort to achieve personal and professional development. Designed as a welcoming network of passionate women involved in dairy, relationships will grow through shared experience, support and inspiration.

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